About Me

Hello everyone! My name is Caitlin Hutchinson, and I started this blog to give and receive book recommendations, meet other book junkies and to help me recover from post-book depression (this is my group therapy!).

After checking out other teen/Young adult-style book blogs, I thought it was past time I created my own. Since falling in love with books, having a place where I can project my opinions and thoughts towards them has allowed me to completely rebuild my hobby from the ground-up, where I can share my thoughts and express myself to the rest of the community, in turn hearing what you all have to say!

I’m a book addict. I eat, sleep and breath books – almost literally, especially when falling asleep whilst reading, only to be woken up by a sudden *THUD* of a book hitting my face.

But we’ve all been through that, right? We’ve all had those cold winter evenings, where we want nothing more than to just curl up under the safe, secure sanctuary that our bed sheets provide for us, falling lost and becoming enveloped into a storyline – regardless of the genre.

I’m 18 years-young, and I have a consistent (yet somehow chaotic) lifestyle. I like to live by routine, spending a lot of time around my friends and family, especially my two gorgeous Labrador retrievers known as Leo and Oscar! I have a twin sister, however she is quite opposite to me as she doesn’t like to read. She is a dancer, while I am forever in my room probably in the dark, reading.

I live in the United Kingdom, in South Yorkshire.

Here are some fun facts about me:

  • I love shopping, especially for books
  • I am obsessed with all things Harry Potter.
  • My favourite Genres to read are Fantasy, Young Adult and Romance.
  • My hair is Brunette, hence my wonderful and totally creative Blog title (don’t be jel).
  • I absolutely love making friends, so don’t be shy and contact me on the provided social links!
  • I am terrified of spiders – no, seriously, I cannot stand the beasts.
  • My favourite food – which I don’t have, because all food is amazing.
  • My favourite band is U2 – they are incredible.
  • I have a boyfriend called Ben, and he also enjoys reading! But not as much as gaming so if you’re into games check out his live streams

I would love to chat with some fellow bloggers so feel free to get in touch anytime!


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