Spring Cleaning (de-cluttering books)

Getting rid of books, whether we’ve read them or not, is a tough task for most of us. It definitely was for my family, who all love to read and get too attached to them. However, in our book room (extremely small library) it represented the state of a hoarders room. The floor couldn’t be seen. It was actually quite embarrassing, so we had to do something about it.




book pile

(Sorry for the bad quality)

This is all of our books after we documented them all in an A – Z  notebook so it would be easier to look at what we’ve read and haven’t, what we still want or don’t. (Thank you to my best friend Olivia for doing this task!)





These are all in author order but don’t think they’re in alphabetical order, still it is a lot easier to find a book! We weren’t successful in getting rid of all the books we’ve already read but we have definitely cut it down to ones we cherish most and obviously the books we are yet to read. “Too many books, too little time.”

book box

This is just one of many boxes, these happen to be just my books. Most of my books consisted of YA books if you haven’t already guessed.

What to do with unwanted books:

1. Donate to a charity shop
2. Sell; online or at a car boot sale/ garage sale
3. See if a friend or family member wants any
4. Donate to hospital, especially children’s ward (children’s books of course)
5. Again for children’s books, pass them on to a pre- school or day care
6. For bloggers or ‘bookstagrams’, host a giveaway

I do plan to host a giveaway very soon so watch this space! 

If anyone has any other suggestions for what to do with unwanted books leave a comment and i’ll add it to the list!

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