Book Haul!


I always have tons of books at home still waiting to be read but as soon as i enter a book store (intending to have a browse) I can’t help but splash the cash!

My excuse is that I was on holiday/vacation. My boyfriend and I visited Windsor (about 20 miles West of London) and after a fun day touring Windsor Castle, we did a bit of shopping. Most of which was in Waterstones. To begin with I was only going to buy 2 books because it was buy one get one half price, but then I remembered I have a loyalty card and ended up getting these beauties. This is unusual for me because I usually read fantasy but I’m looking forward to reading something (very slightly) different, not straying from YA books though other than Travelling to Infinity.


First of all, I apologise for the bad quality of all of these photos (iphone pics)

I heard a lot of good things about this book and although it’s not something I would usually choose to read, I bought it. Another reason I wanted to read this book is because it is about twin sisters. I think i will find myself relating to Cath because my twin sister is also more outgoing and sociable like Wren and I spend a lot of time online and blogging.

I am currently reading this and I think i’m in a bit of a slump because I can’t even get past chapter 3! I’m sure it will get better though, judging from all the good reviews it has gotten.


jane hawkings

I watched the film of this, aka The Theory of Everything and then decided I wanted to read the book (a first for me) I usually read a book and then see the film but if I’m honest I had never heard anything about this book until the movie was released.

I haven’t yet read this but I expect it will be just as heart breaking as the film (cried my eyes out at the film) From little scams through I can see that Jane Hawkings is a very poetic writer.

Travelling to Infinity

jenny downham

I read this book first and actually enjoyed it, despite me adding it to my blog post ‘Books with disappointing endings.’  I loved it’s originality; instead of the story being about the victim or the person accused of the crime, It’s about the brother and sister and it shows how it affects the family when these things happen. It is also a nice little romance alongside the drama. I’m thinking of doing a review for this, comment if you think I should!

You Against Me

night circus

I bought this for my sister because she loves circus’s but I will definitely be reading it after she has finished!

Night Circus


The synopsis really gripped me for this book and I can’t wait to see what happens.



I (very kindly) bought this book for my boyfriend while we were in Windsor because he likes post-apocalyptic books and to thank him for taking me on holiday. Then found out we idiotically bought the second book in a series, so he will have to buy Rain (first book) for it to make sense. Ignore my boyfriends mattress protector, I had to get him to send a picture of it and for a photographer he wasn’t very creative..


ill give you the sun

I absolutely love the cover of this book! Another book I was drawn to (like Fangirl) because it is about twins.

I’ll Give You the Sun

love and death book

I don’t know what to expect from this book, which is quite exciting. It seems like it will be about forbidden romance which I am weirdly a big fan of!

The Game of Love and Death

Thank you for reading and if anyone has any tips for book hauls for future reference please comment! (I’m worried that this was a boring post)

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