Books with disappointing endings

brad cooper gif Just to clarify, I am not saying YA book should end with “they live happily ever after” and I truly appreciate endings that break the predictable and typical endings pattern in YA fiction. This blog post is simply about books that make me go ‘whyyyy?’ because the feels are too much.


allegiant1. At the top of my list is Allegiant, the final book of the Divergent series. Once young adults read the ending, the blogosphere blew up. Debates began about the ending and fans wrote alternate endings (fanfic) because they were so disappointed. I wasn’t at all disappointed by the end of this series but I was feeling the sadness but that’s what makes a good author isn’t it? Veronica Roth built up this world and made the character’s so real that we can feel the grief from Tris’s death. I just kept thinking “poor Tobias/ Four)

It took me a while to recover from the feels this book gave me and I was in a bit of a reading slump for a little while after. I wonder if there will be an alternate ending for the movie? I’m going to see the movie either way. However, I think this wouldn’t be fair to the author because she said this ending was foreseen by the end of the first book and that this ending fit with her character’s personality, and completed the lesson that she learned at the end of Divergent (book 1).



2. I really wanted to like Matched, I was drawn in by the cover and it’s unique summary but it let me down. I found it very slow paced but kept giving it a chance, I was determined to finish it (despite the love triangle) I did think it was a good idea that in this world they were matched to somebody.

Unfortunately though, I finished this book and my first thought was ‘what did I just read?’ seriously, there were so many questions unanswered; Who runs the Society? Who are these people fighting a war with and why? The whole book pretty much revolved around Cassia’s obsession with Ky.


mockingjay3. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love this trilogy and once had an obsession with it. Suzanne Collin’s is a fantastic author but I wasn’t satisfied with the epilogue, it seemed like she wanted a happy ending for Katniss and Peeta, which I wanted too but it just didn’t feel like her writing. We are left with the hero of the series, Katniss living a secluded, ordinary life who doesn’t seem particularly happy “It feels impossible to take pleasure in anything because I’m afraid it could be taken away.” In all fairness though, after all Katniss has been through she is going to have nightmares and worries. I wouldn’t necessarily call the ending of this book a disappointment, I just don’t think it quite did the trilogy justice.


you against me

 4.  What’s so moving about this story is, not only do we get to see the victim’s story but we get the accused story too. This book left me guessing all the way through, I was intrigued from the start to find out which story was telling the truth.

Although we do get to find out the truth of what happened, we didn’t see how the trial went. I would have been happy with an epilogue set after the court hearing to have all of my questions answered. Was Ellie’s brother found guilty? do Ellie and Mikey work out? How is Karyn moving forward?

 You against me


5. They find out they are cousins, need I say anymore?


Has anyone else read a good book with a disappointing ending? or just a disappointing book all together? Comment if so!

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